Colour mixing and rolling!

We discovered that we can mix colours by rolling conkers and make purple and then brown. lWe had great fun mixing colours and we are beginning to think about washing a paint brush before choosing a new colour, but we don’t always remember! We played with colour ribbons and tried to thread them through the fence, using positional language ‘in’ and ‘out.’ It was very fiddly but we persevered and made super patterns.


Playing and exploring in the twos and threes room!

Our younger children have fantastic opportunities to play and explore both inside and outside. They are learning to play along side each other and share their toys. Today, they had a tea party! They made cakes from play dough and served them up! We hope you can come to one of our Stay and Plays on Monday the 15th October at either 9.00 to 9.30 am or 2.45 to 3.15 pm.

Red Week!

We decided to think about the colour red this week. The children were challenged to find red objects all around nursery. They were amazing! We even turned the water red using a dollop of paint. We were very impressed that they remembered the colour to look for and have been excitedly running up with red cubes, coats, cars, trains and books all week. Next week, we will be sending home ‘Wow Vouchers’ so you can tell us about all the amazing things your children are doing at home.

Week 2!

We’ve had another busy week at nursery! The children are all settling in well and getting used to some new routines, including finding their star and hanging it on the washing line. We are so impressed at how quickly they are recognising their names and using the pegs on the washing line – it’s quite a fiddly thing to do!

Preschool will have a focus number and shape each week which will be displayed by the coat pegs. The children have been thinking about round shapes this week and have been exploring the curve around hoops, plates and balls. One of the children made a circle with playdough and another spotted a circle in their name!

Becky will be asking parents about their hopes for their children whilst at preschool. Please have a think over the weekend so we can do a display next week.

Visiting our new school!

We have been visiting the children’s new reception classes this week and exploring the school grounds. Becky and Liz have been incredibly proud of all the children this week. They have lined up beautifully to visit school and walked sensibly in pairs. The children put on wellie boots and played in the huge mud and sand pits.

We walked through the spiritual garden, looking out for animals hidden in the bushes, smelling the flowers and talking about the amazing mosaic pictures on the path. We enjoyed walking on them. Next, we visited Tom’s Garden and met Mr Bunce, who was teaching forest school. We listened to some safety instructions and then looked at the frogs, froglets, snails and plants in the pond. We made our own pond when we got back to preschool by mixing blue and yellow paint with water. The children talked about school and are all looking forward to joining their new classes in September.

Playing with things that begin with a bouncy ‘b’ sound!

We have been thinking about sounds this week. We have listened to the sounds we can hear all around us, like birds singing, children playing, police cars, helicopters and aero planes. We have been making sounds with our voices and musical instruments. We played games with sounds, saying a string of words that all start with the same sound. When we did ‘b’ one of the children realized that we have lots of items in pre school that begin with a bouncy b sound. We went outside and played with them, making a bouncy b sound. We played with bricks, boxes and bikes.

Our value this term is love, so we read the beautiful story ‘Guess how much I love you.’ The children sat beautifully and listened, then we made a circle and talked about who we love and why. The children said families and friends and explained that they have cuddles and play. We finished by giving our friends a smile to make them feel special and loved.

Planting seeds.

We have had another busy week at Kingsholm Nursery. We are delighted to welcome Asma to the team and she has had a fantastic first week getting to know the children and their families.

We are always finding ways to enhance the environment for the children and have been moving furniture and recently uncovered the work bench! The children were very excited at the thought of hammering nails. Before we started, we had to do a risk assessment with the children and encouraged them to think about how to keep safe when using the tools. We decided it would be important to wear goggles, to protect our eyes whilst sawing or hammering nails. We decided that only 2 children at a time should use the work bench. We were all keen to have a go, but were super at waiting our turn.

One of the children noticed that our herbs were growing and remarked “it’s because of the sun.” So we thought about what we need to grow flowers for the garden. We collected compost, pots, seeds and water and had great fun planting with Michelle. We are going to watch our pots for any changes over time. We pretended we were plants and role played being tiny seeds that were watered and put in the sun. We began to grow taller.